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Added Value

We offer voltage stability and power quality.

We reduce electricity costs, transportation and distribution charges, and municipal and provincial taxes.

We provide certainty of future costs.

We optimize cash flows by reducing the accumulation of tax credits.

We guarantee significant rates of return in dollars.

Solutions are tailor made for irrigation systems, dairies, vineyards, grain drying, production lines, etc.

Pre-feasibility analysis

Analysis of area under study, project requirements. Systems of self-consumption or generation, transport and distribution.

Financial analysis and return on investment

Analysis of contracted power, study of energy consumption patterns, tariffs and applicable resolutions. Evaluation of various financial scenarios and calculation of return on investment.


Tax benefits and legal advice

Advise in the presentation of the project to obtain the tax benefits granted by law 27.191 and in the choice of the optimal legal vehicle for business requirements.


Study of solar irradiation and electric generation

Determination of solar irradiation in the area, optimum slope calculation, analysis of system losses and monthly and annual electricity generation.

Calculation of CO2e savings and equivalences

Emission saving study of tons of CO2e. This is a very important aspect for companies that value corporate social responsibility and / or require it to access international markets.

Construction, operation and maintenance 

Engineering, provision, construction and commissioning of solar plants in LV, MV and HV. Capacity of operation and maintenance of the same.

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